[EN] Europeans are from Europe, Americans are from the US

It is not uncommon to find «on the internet» a Latin-American user complaining about a gringo user calling the United States: America. Stating clearly that that’s the name of the continent, not the name of their imperialistic nation. Who is right?


What is the name of a country? The name we usually use to refer to a country is not their official name. France is actually called «The French Republic», China is called «The People’s Republic of China», Iran is «The Islamic Republic of Iran» and Mexico is «The Mexican United States». In day to day conversation we refer to the countries with a small part of their actual name, following this logic it seems correct to call the United States of America, America.

But this is not correct. It is wrong. The main problem here is that, the country between Canada and Mexico does not have a name. The founding fathers forgot to name the country, a complete lack of vision made them describe their type of government and their location instead of getting a name. Gringos will say «America is its name» or «It’s the only country that matters in the whole continent», or if they are wiser «America is the name of the country, and The Americas is the name of the continent».

Here’s a simple way to prove that all explanations that Americans give are wrong:

  • French and Germans, Italians and Spaniards are all Europeans.

  • Nigerians and Namibians, Egyptians and Algerians are all Africans.

  • Chinese and Iranians, Indians and Thais are all Asians.

  • Mexicans and Argentinians, Canadians and Americans are all Americans?

The country does not have a name. The took the name of the continent it is in and broke it. Fucking accept it.